How to Train in Stav
Somerset, 17th May 2014

Do you want to know the secret to becoming a Martial Arts Master? I will share it right now. Turn up, train, practice what you were trained in. Thats it.

Okay, thats it. However that doesn't make it easy. Turning up means booking on the course, travelling, coming into the training hall and then actually making the effort to train as directed. It might be physically quite hard work, your body may protest at making unfamiliar movements and expending an unusual amount of energy. You might get stuff wrong and need to be corrected, not once but many times. Then you will need to go home and stick to a training regimen.

You can create your own training routine which suits your needs and timetable. Having done so you will have to make the effort to work with it. Once of the things I will teach you is how to create a realistic training programme and how to use it in a flexible way. However you will still have to make the effort to practice. Overcoming the demons of procrastination, laziness and boredom will be your greatest challenges. Perhaps engaging in battle with these foes is really the point of martial arts training?

The How to Train in Stav Course will enable you to lay the foundation for Stav training and practice. I am going to keep the training very focussed and very simple. So that you can take away what you need for personal Stav training we will focus on the following:

  • Stances and how to do them properly. The basis of all Stav training and practice is the stances. We will cover all sixteen in detail. The version we will concentrate on is the Trel sequence. There is no chanting, just breathing into the stance and then out again.
  • The Hagl Rune as your guide for training with weapons. If you can remember what the Hagl rune looks like (think snowflake) you should have no problem remembering the basic exercises. Watch the video below and you will understand what I mean.
  • Three Staff Exercises, one strike, two thrusts. There are around twenty two staff exercises and variations for the spear but I will choose what I consider to be the three most essential ones. Practice these three on a regular basis and you will become competent to handle a staff and embark on more advanced training with this weapon.
  • Two Basic Axe Cuts, there is nothing like axe training for developing controled movement, focus of energy and drop power. There are six axe exercises which I use in advanced weapon training, again I have selected the two most important
  • Three Cudgel Exercises, One strike and two thrusts. These are practised ambidextrously and are great for developing strength and flexibility in the wrists and arms
  • Designing and maintaining your training regimen. You need to develop the training programme that works for you, morning or evening? All three weapons each day? Or each one twice a week and a day off? What to do when life gets in the way so that you do not lose momentum. I know how hard it can be to maintain regular training in your own time so we will discuss ways of developing the habit of regular practice and how not to lose it when under pressure
  • Two Person Drills introduced so that you will understand what you are preparing for when you do get a chance to train with a partner
  • See the video below which was recorded in Salisbury during the January day course. The people you see training have all be practising Stav for at least five years, in one case quite a lot longer. These are just three drills from a sequence of two person exercises which we call the 'Nine Guards'. You won't be doing that by the end of how to train in Stav course but it should give you some idea of what you are working towards.

    So How Will It Work?

    Places limited to six students for the course. I will have assistance for teaching and demonstrating so you will have individual attention.

    The date: Saturday 17th May 2014

    Programme will begin at 10am on the Saturday morning and training will continue until 5pm. Lunch is included.

    Cost Full cost ofcourse is £40, for members of Ice and Fire £25. See here for details of joining Ice and Fire.

    Sign up here for the Saturday 17th May 2014 How to Train in Stav course at the Stav Centre in Crewkerne.
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    Guarantee If by lunchtime on the Saturday you don't think the course is what you expected then just say so and I will refund your course fee. If you joined Ice and Fire in order to get the discounted price then I will refund up to two months previous membership fees too. So what have you got to lose?