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Ice and Fire Stav Links Page

My Stav Links

  • Ice and Fire Stav Site For booking on courses and Booklets and DVDs
  • Stav Classes in Crewkerne as well as courses and seminars
  • Ice and Fire Stav Camps
  • Ice and Fire Stav in the USA Courses and Classes in the USA
  • Ice and Fire Stav on Facebook Our Facebook Group
  • Other Stav Links

  • Ivar Hafskjold's Stav pages based in East Yorkshire, UK
  • Stav International Pages Stav resources around the world
  • Events I Support

  • The Druid Camp August 2018
  • Spirit of Awen Camp August 2018
  • Mercian Gathering September 2018
  • Martial Arts Pages I Recomend

  • Charlie Wildish's Bunkai Site Interesting Martial arts site
  • Kevin O'Hagan Reality based Martial Arts, I highly recomend his workshops
  • Geoff Thompson In early 2012 I took his master class training, if you don't know Geoff Thompson then check out his site.
  • Unity Martial Arts Centre where I have trained in Guided Chaos with Mick James
  • Marc 'Animal' McYoung I highly recomended his No–nonsense Self–defense Site.
  • Other Interesting Sites

  • Asgard Studio Internet Marketing Services
  • V and G Services Handyman services