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What Do the Runes Mean to You?

11th Century Swedish Rune Stone

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered how far infinity stretches? Have you ever felt the ground beneath your feet and tried to imagine how old the earth is? Have you ever considered that people who lived thousands of years ago must have wondered what the future held, and yet here we are, in their future? Have you ever wondered why so much in our universe is dependable and regular, the effect of gravity, the speed of light or the stability of air and water? And yet so much is also unpredictable and constantly surprises us, the weather, the exact moment a wave will crash or the flight of a small bird.

Are you the kind of person who can wonder at the astonishing universe in which we live and yet still be capable of taking responsibility for your life? Do you know what kind of world you want to live in? Do you have any idea how you might create that world? Are you the kind of person who accepts that they cannot know everything, but is still willing to walk their own path, and on their own terms?

Do you aspire to self-reliance rather than depending upon others? Are you also prepared to support others, when you know you can make a positive difference to their lives? Would you rather seek out truth and knowledge for yourself, rather than have someone else feed you their version of reality? Do you believe that knowledge is only valuable, if you can use it for a productive purpose, and prove its value through practical application?

If the answer is yes, to some, if not all, of these questions then Stav might be for you.

Stav is a traditional form of education, passed down through the Hafkjold family in Norway for many hundreds of years. In the last generation or so, Hafskjold–Stav, has been taught outside of the original family. So, now, Stav can be learned, practised, and applied, by anyone who is open minded enough to benefit.

Stav literally means 'knowledge of the Rune Staves'. The runes being a structure for developing awareness and maturity, in body, mind and spirit.

How can I learn Stav?

Stav can be learned in various ways, including through martial arts training. We also have a Membership Scheme which includes a distance learning programme comprised of twenty four modules and opportunities for face to face training. Following on from the Foundation Programme, are ever developing opportunities for further study in the different aspects of Stav.

However, the first thing to do, is get a free PDF copy of my introductory booklet, 'Heimdal, the Father of Stav' by opting in below. You will also receive nine follow up messages over nine days. These messages cover aspects of Stav such as: How many runes do we use in Stav? What can we learn from Norse mythology? Why is the spider a symbol of fate and destiny? How can bind runes free your mind?

You will also receive my regular broadcast messages, which most people seem to enjoy reading. If you get bored with the subject, you can immediately un–subscribe any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Just put your name and email into the form below and enjoy learning about Stav.

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